Manila 2017

Finding My Big Spoons Tribe
May 10, 2017
De La Salle University LSEED Bootcamp
May 12, 2017

Manila 2017

This past April, the Lasallian Social Enterprise Bootcamp 2017 kicked off on the De La Salle University (DLSU) campus in Manila. 6 Big Spoons Mentors, 10 DLSU student social enterprise fellows, several DLSU faculty from all disciplines, and local community members came together for a three-week intensive bootcamp with the aim of building sustainable student- and community-run social enterprises.

The program was done 'extended hackathon' style, with a mix of workshops devoted to the social enterprise process, break out sessions, community visits and product testing, talks from the leaders of Manila's burgeoning social enterprise scene, and of course a little relaxation and bonding in the mix.

Workshops taught by Big Spoons included business and impact model design, landing page development, social business logistics, MVP testing, personal and company branding, and more.

After just a short three weeks, all parties had cross-pollinated their skills and knowledge. While we were all feeling the exhaustion of working hard and in some cases failing and iterating, four clearly-defined projects emerged; some even at the point of testing their product.

"In that short time, we were already launching our product and getting partners on-board with our mission!”


Katad offers locally-sourced, handmade leather products that are perfect for students and young professionals. Unlike others, Katad protects what is important to you, whilst securing a brighter future for the children of our community mothers.

UPDATE: The team is currently running product development sessions with the mothers of Leveriza, a community in Manila, who will be the makers and merchants of the products. They are also in the middle of developing their marketing and operation plans for the SE.


Casalo provides home-cooked, healthy meals to university students, while supporting and employing the local communities.

UPDATE: The team has been donated a kitchen and will begin operations this month.


Takamin brings traditional Filipino snacks to hungry university students on the go while creating opportunities for school retention for young scholars. A portion of the revenue generated goes to help keeping children in school around Manila.

UPDATE: The team is continuing to grow their product line by experimenting with new recipes. They are also presenting at conferences as a model of social entrepreneurship.


Lumina is connecting the power of the sun with local communities by connecting a solar product supplier with Lumina Mothers, or saleswoman of solar products in their communities. This decreases reliance on the already shaky local grid and prevents community members from making illegal electricity connections.

UPDATE: The team has found a reliable supplier and is in the process of training their Lumina Mothers to take on the world!

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